Thank You to GOP Leaders Speaking Out

Written by Joseph Manning, Warwick Township. This piece was first published here, the blog, on July 30, 2022 with permission from the author. It has been submitted to LancasterOnline/LNP for consideration as a Letter to the Editor. 

To the GOP leaders who are publicly endorsing Attorney Josh Shapiro, for governor (LNP 7/7/22), thank you. I am encouraged to know that there are members of the GOP who see their party’s nominee as an extremist who supports the disproven claim that the 2020 election was stolen, said climate change is “ridiculous pop science”, and that a total ban on abortion is the most important issue of our lifetime. The views and policies of the GOP’s nominee for governor are extreme and dangerous. 

Josh Shapiro is a moderate who will reach across the aisle for all Pennsylvanians. He will work for investments in housing, infrastructure, workforce development. He will make a positive difference in our lives.

Josh Shapiro can and will win the gubernatorial election, but he will need like minded people from both parties and independents to look at what is really important and vote their conscience.

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