Beware of False Prophets and False Theologies Abounding in Lancaster County

Written by Dr. Mary Theresa (Terry) Webb,West Lampeter. This piece was first published on September 16, 2022 in LNP/LancasterOnline. Reprinted here with permission from the author.

Beware of falling for the false prophets and false theologies abounding in Lancaster County. Thankfully, the LNP editorial board (08/28/2022), journalists, and readers are warning us. Jesus and the Old Testament prophets also warned us – see Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Micah, as well as the gospel writers of Matthew, Mark and Luke. 

Beware of “Making America Free and Great Again” slogans mixed up with the name of Jesus. Jesus’ concept of the Kingdom of Heaven was not to overthrow Roman Rulers and he advocated paying the required taxes to Rome. 

Beware of believing that the Declaration of Independence and the Framers of the US Constitution wanted to make America a Christian nation. They didn’t. The First Amendment to the Constitution states “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Many of our founding fathers were Deists. 

Beware especially of the upcoming Patriots Arise Event planned for Quarryville, September 23-25th.  On their website an image of the US flag is prominently displayed along with a call for action, similar to the build-up to the Stop the Steal rally and the storming of the US Capitol. Those involved in the planning for their event are pastors from the Lord’s House of Prayer, Faith and Family Fellowship, the Pennsylvania Apostolic Prayer Network, and the Christian Coalition, along with members of FreePA. Many of the groups represented are local MAGA Trump followers and believe in the false theology of an American brand of Christian Nationalism.  

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