Kudos for Book Access

Written by Joseph Manning, Warwick Township. This piece was first published here, the LancasterSpeaksUp.com blog, on July 27, 2022 with permission from the author. It has been submitted to LancasterOnline/LNP for consideration as a Letter to the Editor. 

Kudos to the Warwick School District School Board member, Ed Browne, for disagreeing with parents who want to ban books.  He said that he did not feel threatened by books and cannot tolerate banning books. He pointed out that parents can make individual choices for their own children with a school board policy already in place.

Kudos also to the Elizabethtown Area School District review committee who denied a parent’s request to remove “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” from the district’s high school  and middle school libraries. Again, there is a parental opt out policy. Why should all students be denied access when parents can opt out ?

In my opinion, the banning of books is not a good idea. Reading books is an excellent way to understand the views and ideas of others, and hold them up against one’s own. Let’s leave book banning back in the 1950’s. 

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