About Joseph Manning, Warwick Township

Joseph Manning, along with his husband and daughter, moved from New Jersey to Warwick Township in late spring 2018. He spent a 31 year career in the public sector in various NJ municipalities before moving to the Commonwealth. He has a B.A. from Montclair State University and a Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers, theContinue reading “About Joseph Manning, Warwick Township”

About Jim Sandoe

Jim Sandoe, a U.S. Army veteran, has been doing climate presentations and climate research since 2013.  He’s  done original research on fracking chemicals and on PFAS, the “forever chemicals” or “Teflon” chemicals and their effect on military bases in the U.S.  Jim has also worked on a team that wrote an amendment that was adopted intoContinue reading “About Jim Sandoe”

Steph Schreyer, New Holland

Steph Schreyer is currently the Director of Customer Experience at a Lancaster employee-owned software company where she has been for 15 years.  Prior to that, Steph spent 14 years at Lancaster Laboratories in a variety of managerial roles.  She grew up in Lancaster County, got married to a New Englander and has two amazing daughters.  StephContinue reading “Steph Schreyer, New Holland”

About Irma Ilustre, Manheim Township

Irma Ilustre is a writer, runner and raiser (of children, not so much plants). Her writings are infused with the sweat and tears of an over-the-hill mother runner’s race to make the world better before passing it down to her children. Her work has been previously published in The BeZine and in the anthology, “We WillContinue reading “About Irma Ilustre, Manheim Township”

About Perry Hazeltine, Lancaster City

Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I moved with our two young children to Lancaster County and have come to love this place we now call home. I became politically active during these years. But my first call to social action came from the Catholicism in which I grew up. When I was a teen,Continue reading “About Perry Hazeltine, Lancaster City”

About Justin Wilson, MD, Manheim Township

Justin Wilson was born and raised in Philadelphia.  He attended Central High School and graduated in 1994.  After attending Hampton University for two years, he transferred to Temple University in 1997 and graduated with a B. S. in Biology in 1999.  Justin went to Temple University School of Medicine and graduated in 2003 with anContinue reading “About Justin Wilson, MD, Manheim Township”