About Perry Hazeltine, Lancaster City

Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I moved with our two young children to Lancaster County and have come to love this place we now call home. I became politically active during these years. But my first call to social action came from the Catholicism in which I grew up. When I was a teen, the Church began a campaign to address poverty, violence, and the systemic inequities that cause these problems. The Church’s message— “If you want Peace, work for Justice”—has been a guiding motif in my life. While I no longer find a home in any religion, I still believe that love is the cornerstone of morality. To be loving in a world where the most vulnerable bear the brunt of injustice means that we must do the hard work of fighting injustice. Lancaster SPEAKS Up, and Lancaster Stands Up are the communities I need to sustain me in these efforts.

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