About Dr. Mary Theresa (Terry) Webb, West Lampeter

Dr. Mary Theresa (Terry) Webb has professional expertise as a certified pastoral counselor, with a marriage and family specialty, and is an internationally known speaker and author. As a ministry leader, Dr. Webb draws on her own 20 years of experience in a specialized mission field in over 8 countries to help churches and churchContinue reading “About Dr. Mary Theresa (Terry) Webb, West Lampeter”

About Rebecca Branle, Ephrata Township

After graduating from Ursinus College, New Holland native Rebecca Class Branle used her pen to push products as a senior copywriter for QVC, and then as a creative director for a Philadelphia-area retail advertising agency. Today, she partners with her husband, Mark, to head up a small community bike shop known for its big heart.Continue reading “About Rebecca Branle, Ephrata Township”

Friends, That’s Not Jesus You’re Worshipping. That’s Donald Trump.

Written by Rebecca Branle, Ephrata Township. This piece was first published on Sept. 30, 2020 on Rebecca’s blog, basicallybeckyblogs. Reprinted here with permission from the author. I’m tired. But I want to be kind and I want to leave the door open, with a welcome mat, and I want to remind you that you canContinue reading “Friends, That’s Not Jesus You’re Worshipping. That’s Donald Trump.”

Protestors and Looters

Written by Eric Kearsley, Willow Street. This LTE was first published on June 4, 2020 in LNP/LancasterOnline. Reprinted here with permission from the author. One more example of reprehensible policing tragically reminds us that we still have more work to end the terrible story of racism in America.  Every time this happens, we make someContinue reading “Protestors and Looters”

About Eric Kearsley, Willow Street

Eric Kearsley has a PhD in Radiation Physics from the University of Wisconsin.  He is also a retired US Navy Captain and a retired physics teacher from the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools. Currently he is on the Board of Lancaster Quest for Learning and also hosts a meeting of the LGBTQ+ Family and Friends support group at WillowContinue reading “About Eric Kearsley, Willow Street”