The Lessons in Exodus

Written by Dr. Mary Theresa Webb, West Lampeter. This piece was first published on March 8, 2021 in LNP/Lancaster online. Reprinted here with permission from the author.

God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for us. One specifically states, “do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold” (Exodus 20:323).  Republicans at their weekend CPAC conference in Orlando, did just that when they introduced their golden statue of Donald Trump. They lined up to have their selfies taken with the statue and cheered when he repeated his grievances and vilified his enemies, holding out a carrot that he could be convinced to run again in 2024. 

Any Christian or Jewish person who still believes Trump won the 2020 presidential election, because of fraud or miscounts, please reread the Exodus passages. The Israelites in the valley became tired of waiting while Moses was receiving Ten Commandments from God on the mountain.  They convinced Aaron, Moses’ brother, who was in charge during Moses’ absence, to build a golden calf statue for worshipping (Exodus 32). 

When Moses returned and saw the people celebrating worshipping the golden calf, he threw the Ten Commandment stone tablets on the ground in disgust where they broke into pieces. Then, he asked people to choose. Did they want to worship God or their golden statue? Those who chose the statue contracted a virus that turned into a pandemic. That group perished.  

If people of faith continue to follow and worship their golden image of Trump, they will just see their desires and fears reflected in the sheen of that image while refusing to wear masks or be distanced.  Then, they too might perish.

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