We Must Live Up to the US Motto

Written by Dr. Mary Theresa (Terry) Webb, West Lampeter. This piece was first published on Nov. 16, 2020 in LNP/LanasterOnline. Reprinted here with permission from the author.

As we ponder the aftermath of the presidential election, one thing is clear. We are still a divided nation.  Bridging that divide and learning how to communicate with one another poses our greatest challenge. My father used to say that we need to love each other even though we may not like each other or agree with the other person’s life style or opinions. 

E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one, becomes a first order of business. How do we strive to live up to this United States motto? One way will be to put aside our individualistic ideals and political positions and, instead, find ways of solving our common problems such as rapidly increasing climate change, getting the corona virus under control, getting rid once and for all the racism that has plagued this nation since its founding, and integrating immigrants with different cultural backgrounds into the American way of life. We can’t leave the solution to these problems just to our elected politicians to solve, we need grassroots efforts that will bring us together to solve them. Lancaster Stands Up has been working toward this goal. Along with other PA Stands Up groups around the Commonwealth we claim that we are indeed making a difference. 

We have participated in our democracy by voting in person or by mail in amazing numbers. Now let us now find ways to love and dialogue with those who disagree with the results. This will take humility and courage. Let’s begin.

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